6 Things to Know About Q2 U.S. News Media ZIP Code Data

August 19, 2020


Most U.S. news media organizations have submitted their second quarter ZIP code data, which is now making its way into the Media Intelligence Center. The majority of news media data will be available in the Media Intelligence Center by early September. AAM has made several changes to how news media organizations report data for this quarter due to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the news media simplification initiative. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Q2 data:

1. Why are U.S. news media only reporting ZIP code data this quarter?

As part of the news media simplification initiative announced this summer, AAM prioritized getting ZIP code data to the market quickly. News media organizations will continue to report ZIP code data every quarter but will only release a news media statement for the six-months ending in September and March.

2. Where is the ZIP code data for U.S. news media?

ZIP code data for U.S. news media is available in the Media Intelligence Center in the Analyzer tool. Updated data is available in the distribution reports: distribution by counties, distribution by state totals, distribution by ZIP code, Designated Market Area (DMA) and Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA).

Analyzer reports that contain ZIP code data.

Q2 ZIP code data is also available in the distribution map tab in individual publications’ Brand View profiles.

ZIP code data can be found in AAM's Distribution Map tab.

3. Where is the data for national news media?

National news media do not report ZIP code data and will not have any updated data in the Analyzer tool. They may optionally report geographic data as part of Brand View under the distribution by state tab with a map of state circulation totals for Q2.

New York Times Brand View profile

4. Are Canadian news media reporting data for Q2?

Yes, Canadian news media will continue to issue standard quarterly reports in June and September 2020. For June, Canadian news media may report data just for the month of June or for the full quarter. The first six-month report for Canadian news media will cover October through March 2021.

5. Will AAM issue a news media statement for September 2020?

Yes, U.S. news media organizations will have a news media statement for September 2020, including ZIP code data. As part of the simplification initiative, some categories are now condensed. You can see a preview of the new report format or view a summary of changes.

6. How can I request a username and password for the Media Intelligence Center?

All AAM clients have unlimited access to the Media Intelligence Center. You can request a username and password for every member of your team by completing this form.


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