Ask AAM: Can I report digital magazines behind a paywall in total circulation?

May 23, 2022



To qualify as part of total circulation, the digital product presented behind the paywall must be a digital replica. A digital replica must maintain the same identity, name and logotype as the print issue. You can learn more about qualifying a digital issue on our website. Within the category of digital replica, there are several different ways to report the subscriptions.

  1. Paid Digital Individual Subscriptions – To qualify for this category of reporting, the consumer must pay at least one penny for the digital replica subscription. If the consumer paid for both the print and digital subscription, the magazine may decide to count the subscription as either print or digital, but not both. Circulation is based on payment only, not access.

  2. Verified Requested – Digital – To qualify as verified requested – digital, the consumer must request a free digital replica subscription to the magazine. Circulation is based on the request for the digital replica subscription, not access.

  3. Other Verified – Digital – To qualify for this category, the consumer must access the digital replica subscription via the magazine’s website. Circulation is based on access, not the request.

To learn more about magazine digital copies, please review our qualifying digital issues guide.


Topics: Magazine Media, Reporting

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