Ask AAM: How is verified and nonpaid circulation changing?

November 3, 2021



With magazine publishers placing a greater emphasis on circulation as a revenue source, the landscape of the verified and nonpaid circulation categories has changed. As part of the magazine simplification initiative, AAM and its working group revised the categories to ensure they reflected current market conditions.

Changes to Verified Circulation

Beginning with the June 2022 reporting period, verified circulation reporting will be streamlined and focus on whether the end recipient is known. AAM will also no longer require consecutive issues to be served for qualification.

  • Public Place – Verified public place circulation was previously broken out into 14 subcategories and will now use just three: medical/dental, personal care and other public place.

  • Individual Use – Verified individual use was previously broken out into 26 subcategories and will now use just two: individually requested and other individually addressed. Additionally, the following circulation was previously reported as analyzed nonpaid but will now move to verified individual use, other individually addressed: list, market coverage, delivered with host product.

Changes to Analyzed Nonpaid Circulation

Beginning with the June 2022 reporting period, the analyzed nonpaid circulation category will be renamed analyzed nonpaid bulk and will only contain analyzed nonpaid bulk circulation. Other categories previously reported as analyzed nonpaid circulation, including list, market coverage and delivered with host product will be reclassified as verified individual use.

The only qualification change is to remove the consecutive issuance requirement for verified copies. All other changes are to reporting only, not qualification.

You can learn more about how AAM is consolidating reporting categories by viewing our category map. If you have any questions about how these changes might affect your publication, please contact your audit manager. To learn more about the magazine simplification initiative including FAQs, prototype reports and more, please visit our resource hub.


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