View the Top 10 U.S. Magazine Media Brand Audiences for Q1 2024

May 16, 2024


AAM’s Magazine Media 360° report measures U.S. magazine audience brands for 74 publications from 23 companies, including data for print and digital editions, desktop and mobile web, videos and total 360 audience.

Here are some key highlights comparing Q1 2024 to Q1 2023 data as well as top 10 magazine brands by total brand audience and brand audience growth:

Print and Digital Editions

Print and digital editions were up 1.6% overall. This suggests that readers continue to value the tangible, curated experiences that magazines offer, whether in hand or on screen. Notably, 76% of the brands in this segment saw growth, with Bicycling (up 43.4%) and Town & Country (up 37.3%) leading the charge.

Desktop and Mobile Web

Desktop web was down 12%, while mobile web decreased 4.9%. Some brands like Health (up 52.6%) and Food & Wine (up 49.0%) saw increases in desktop web, indicating that niche and specialized content can draw significant web traffic. Men's Journal (up 121.3%) and AARP The Magazine (up 92.7%) showcased the potential of mobile engagement.


Video showed varied performance across brands with an overall decline of 23.2%. Country Living (up 1,078.9%) and Harper's Bazaar (up 222.9%) exemplified how video can be a format for engaging storytelling.

Total 360 Audience

Total 360 audience, which encompasses all platforms, saw a decline of 3.3%, but nearly half of the brands (48.6%) experienced growth. Brands like Health (up 57.8%) and Outside (up 30.4%) demonstrated the potential of a multi-platform approach.

This chart highlights the top 10 magazine brands by total brand audience:

Top 10 Magazine Brands
Average Monthly Audience (000)
Q1 2024


Magazine Brand Total Brand Audience
People 104,509
AARP the Magazine 59,198
Allrecipies 53,899
Sports Illustrated 53,357
Good Housekeeping 40,248
Cosmopolitan 29,873
Time 29,087
Us Weekly 26,571
Southern Living 26,428
Better Homes and Gardens 24,926


And this one shows the top 10 magazines based on brand audience growth compared to the same period in 2023:

Top 10 Magazine Brands
Average Monthly Audience % Growth
Q1 (2024 vs. 2023)


Magazine Brand Total Brand Audience
Health 57.8%
Outside 30.4%
Bicycling 28.8%
Midwest Living 23.0%
Texas Monthly 20.3%
Food & Wine 19.8%
Harper's Bazaar 19.5%
Game & Fish Magazine 18.7%
Elle Decor 17.3%
Southern Living 16.9%


You can download the entire Magazine Media 360° report on our website.

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