4 Reasons the Industry Relies on Publisher Audits

February 27, 2023



There’s little question that today’s media environment has challenges, including high production costs, staff turnover and a fickle economy. Despite the hardships faced by the industry, the need for the trust and credibility of a publisher audit hasn’t diminished. In our annual client survey, we asked AAM publisher and buyer clients why they value third-party, independent media audits and their role in the industry. Here are the top four reasons they gave:

1. Publisher audits adhere to industry standards

AAM audit rules are continually updated to accommodate changing times, technology and channels. Publishers and media buyers agree to these standards as the benchmark that make credibility and trust possible.

quotesAs an association publication, it is important to us to validate our circulation for our advertising clients.
– publisher client

quotesIt gives legitimacy to our circulation numbers and is important for our advertisers.
– publisher client

quotesThe integrity behind the reporting makes us comfortable in relaying information to anyone who needs to know.  – publisher client

quotesWe need an independent entity that can confirm that we’re actually getting what we’ve paid for, and that’s AAM.  – media buyer client


2. Audit help publishers stand out

Media companies today manage brands that reach audiences across newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, social media and more. Audits provide an outlet for publishers to showcase the breadth and depth of these independently verified channels from print and web metrics to social and app interactions.

quotesWe sell advertising to advertisers and their agencies. An AAM publisher’s statement and audit report are essential tools in making that happen in today’s marketplace. – publisher client

quotesAAM helps us manage, package and communicate our print and digital audience to our readers, advertisers and agencies. – publisher client


3. Audited media data provides a source for marketers to discover quality publishers

AAM’s Media Intelligence Center houses audited data for media buyers to make educated buying decisions. Providing data and analysis tools help media buyers identify publishers that offer quality advertising environments.

quotesOur advertiser clients rely on audited AAM data. [They have] easy to use tools for analyzing geographic data and much more.  – publisher client

quotesThis information is very important to ensure that we are purchasing the most vital properties for our clients and to make sure they are getting what they pay for. – media buyer client


4. Publisher audits cement advertiser confidence

The stamp of approval of a third-party audit instills trust and confidence in media buyers. They know that publishers that take the important step to get audited are transparent with their business processes and distribution records.

quotesOnce our advertisers see the AAM stamp of approval, we gain immediate credibility for our proof of performance.  – publisher client

 quotesAdvertisers still demand audited data to feel confident in our numbers and competitive intelligence.
– publisher client 

quotesIt is the verified stamp of approval for our print publication to major ad agencies.
– publisher client 

quotesWe require validation for the transactions we conduct for our clients. AAM provides the trust needed to do business with confidence.  – media buyer client

 quotesThe print aspect is the most valuable to me. It’s easy to pull for analysis and I have faith it's accurate.
– media buyer client


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