5 Things You Can Learn in the Magazine Snapshot Report

July 31, 2019

Sandi Licking, Client Solutions Training Manger

AAM’s magazine Snapshot report is published twice a year covering the six-months ending Dec. 31 and the six-months ending Jun. 30. Release dates are typically in mid-February and mid-August, although you can find the latest listing of the release dates on AAM’s website.

The Snapshot report provides an overview of a magazine’s circulation before the release of the more detailed publisher’s statements. It’s popular with AAM clients because it includes all magazines that filed by deadline in one file and it is formatted and available for easy download in PDF or analysis in Excel.

Here are five things you can learn in the magazine Snapshot report:

1. Issues Served and Cover Price

The first few columns highlight the number of issues and average single-copy price per publication.


2. Subscriptions and Single-Copy Sales

The following columns include the magazine’s total subscriptions and break outs by paid and verified subscriptions as well as single-copy sales. You can learn more about the different categories of circulation in this article.


3. Total Circulation

Snapshot also features various total circulation data including total paid and verified circulation, which is the sum of the subscription columns and single-copy sales we reviewed previously. Total analyzed nonpaid is the number of copies delivered for free to defined recipients or available for pick up at designated locations. And the final total column adds all the print and digital circulation categories together: subscriptions, single-copy sales and analyzed nonpaid.


4. Comparable Data to the Previous Year

The rest of the report offers historical data based on the same period for the previous year. There are a group of columns that provide the same breakout for subscriptions, single-copy sales, analyzed nonpaid copies and the percent change in the past year for all categories.


5. Rate Base

The final column in the report shows the magazine’s rate base, if it claims one. This allows you to very easily analyze which magazines made rate base for the current period.


All the information included in the Snapshot report is preliminary and subject to audit. Magazines must file their data with AAM by a specified date to be included in the report. Magazines that don’t file by the deadline may be included in the supplemental report. Those magazines that miss the deadlines are notated in the reports.

If you would like to learn more about the magazine Snapshot report or schedule a customized training session, please contact me by email or at 224-366-6342.


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