New IFABC Website Highlights Importance of Media Assurance Around the World

February 26, 2024



When Kai Kuhlmann was in Brussels two years ago to discuss media measurement with legislators, he quickly realized they weren’t aware of the existence of audit bureaus throughout the world that verify these measurements. The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification unites these worldwide media assurance organizations and includes AAM as a member. “Creating awareness of the existence of audit bureaus is a very important mission of the IFABC,” says Kuhlmann, managing director of IVW, the German audit bureau.

To build greater awareness, the IFABC recently relaunched its website, highlighting its many members who provide the media industry with the trust and transparency necessary for marketers to feel confident when allocating their media budgets.

The updated site features a streamlined navigation, interactive member map and industry news stories.

“The beauty of the IFABC is it allows audit bureaus in other countries to share knowledge and technology. Many new products and innovations have come from learning what works in another market,” said Simon Redlich, president, IFABC, and CEO, ABC UK. “We often find that the media markets throughout the world are more similar than different.”

To learn more about the IFABC and read media industry news from around the world, please visit


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