3 Changes Coming to Magazine Audits

November 3, 2021



As part of the magazine simplification initiative, AAM is also updating how audits are conducted. Using data modeling techniques and other enhanced technology, AAM will work to review programs and address challenges throughout the audit period instead of at the close of the audit. Here are a few ways these changes will impact the audit process.


Audits will cover issues in a 24-month period

AAM audit reporting will expand and begin covering all issues in a 24-month period instead of a 12-month period. Changes to the audit process, detailed below, allow AAM to expand the audit period while still providing a high-level of confidence in the publisher’s statement data.


Increase focus on accurate publisher’s statement data

AAM’s audit and reporting teams will increase their efforts to help magazines file accurate data for the publisher’s statement periods instead of correcting the data on the audit report. This change in procedure will ensure the data on the publisher’s statement has fewer errors and is more reliable, allowing AAM to expand the audit period and ensure the market has timely access to accurate data.


Review and audit programs in real time

Traditionally, AAM audits have started at the close of the reporting period. Under the new audit process, AAM auditors will review and audit many programs in real time, allowing issues to be addressed and remediated quickly and audit reports to be published much sooner.


Changes to the audit process will begin with the June 2022 reporting period. If you have any questions about how these changes might affect your publication, please contact your audit manager. To learn more about the magazine simplification initiative including FAQs, prototype reports and more, please visit our resource hub.


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