Publishers: 3 Reasons Your Team Should Access the Media Intelligence Center

June 14, 2018


As an AAM client, your publication is audited to provide assurance and transparency to media buyers who then use that data to help execute their media plans. But media buyers aren’t the only professionals who benefit from the Media Intelligence Center. AAM data also provides media intelligence to you and your colleagues.

Every employee of an AAM client has unlimited access to the Media Intelligence Center. Here are three reasons why everyone on your team should be a registered user.

  1. View Your Publication’s Own Data
    Are all your colleagues well-versed in your circulation stats? The Media Intelligence Center allows your team to view pdf statements and download comprehensive Excel reports via the Analyzer tools to provide a thorough overview of your publication’s circulation distribution, rate base and more.
  2. Discover Competitors’ Data
    Is your publication one of many saturating a ZIP code or market? Using AAM’s Analyzer tools, newspapers can compare data points such as paid print, qualified and verified distribution by market, ZIP code, county and state. Magazines can view distribution by geographic areas. This wealth of data provides an excellent snapshot of how your publication performs against the competition.
  3. Research Trends
    In most instances, the Media Intelligence Center stores 10 years of historical data. Whether looking at your publication’s circulation history or analyzing the competition’s, AAM’s Analyzer tools provide detailed reports over several time periods. Newspapers can view past quarterly data reports by selecting Previous Quarterly Data Reports on the Quarterly Reports tab. Magazines can see past publisher’s statements by clicking on the Add Historical button in the Reports Library.

It’s easy to get started in the Media Intelligence Center. Contact AAM to request a temporary username and password, then follow the instructions in this brief video to log in. To make the most of everything available in the Media Intelligence Center, visit AAM’s support center for tutorials and tips.


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