4 Steps Marketers Can Take to Maximize Media Buys

December 11, 2023



In the age of AI-generated content, increased misinformation and brand safety concerns in digital advertising, it can be challenging to know where to place your media investment.

One way to maximize and protect your budget is to invest in audited and certified media and technology partners. Independent third-party audits help media demonstrate their commitment to adhering to industry standards and best practices, leading to increased transparency and trust between buyers and sellers.

Here are four steps marketers can take to maximize their media buys and encourage greater transparency in the marketplace.


1. Know the difference between audited and unaudited media

Media that participate in third-party audits and certifications are committed to providing the most accurate information and transparency possible to their advertising partners. A third-party audit provides an independent perspective on the ability of media providers’ systems and processes to deliver accurate, reliable data. During the audit process, auditors may make recommendations that lead to system improvements and increased efficiency. Unaudited media hasn’t been vetted or verified by a third party, which increases buyers’ risk that their investment won’t deliver expected results.


2. Share why audits are important to you

Whether it’s to help you make informed media decisions, develop accurate media plans, or save time by not having to vet media, let your partners know why audited media is important to you and encourage them to get audited and certified. Sometimes just asking for an audit goes a long way to encouraging media partners to participate.


3. Invest in audited media

Once you share with your partners your reasons for asking for audited and certified media, follow through by investing in audited partners. Include audited media in your RFPs and inclusion lists for programmatic media buying.


4. Get access to AAM’s data

All AAM clients get unlimited access to AAM’s Media Intelligence Center, the source for verified media data for nearly 1,300 digital and print publishers across North America. AAM also provides reports and lists of verified media to help buyers find quality publishers to partner with and add to their inclusion lists.

All AAM clients have unlimited access to AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. Are you interested in accessing AAM data, but don't have a login? Complete this quick form.


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