4 Ways Marketers and Publishers Benefit from Greater Media Transparency

March 31, 2021



With digital ad fraud expected to reach nearly $41 billion this year by one estimate, it is more important than ever for marketers to know exactly where their investment is being spent.

Several complementary solutions have been developed to improve transparency in digital advertising. When these solutions are supported and implemented by the industry, marketers and publishers benefit from greater media transparency in many ways:

  1. Improved ROI and Revenue. To make every dollar count, marketers need to direct their spend toward publishers and platforms that deliver human audiences. Industry solutions such as the AAM Digital Publisher Audit and TAG’s Certified Against Fraud Program give marketers signals to identify quality partners so that they can invest in platforms that provide real audiences and ROI. Publishers that participate in these programs can earn greater revenue by standing out for their commitment to quality and transparency.

  2. Efficiency. If campaign measurement includes undetected invalid traffic, marketers are getting inaccurate performance data. False positives or negatives in campaign measurement can negatively affect future media placements and retargeting campaigns. Investing in verified publishers and platforms improves the accuracy of measurement data and optimization, and helps marketers build more efficient and effective campaigns.

  3. Accountability. Partnering with vetted companies that demonstrate transparency by implementing industry solutions such as ads.txt and sellers.json helps marketers provide their stakeholders, shareholders and clients with proof of how their budget was spent. By working with quality partners, marketers can defend their spend and assure stakeholders that their budgets are being invested in quality channels that provide accurate data.

  4. Reputation. Identifying quality platforms and directing ad spend to legitimate partners also helps ensure that marketers’ messages are being placed in acceptable environments. Being selective about where they advertise helps brands maintain a good reputation while supporting quality media and brand safe content creators.

While the industry has developed solutions to make the programmatic ecosystem more transparent, these solutions need industry support to become effective. Prioritizing publishers that provide greater transparency is a simple yet impactful step that can protect marketers’ media investment and help good publishers earn more revenue.

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