5 Areas Where AAM is Making an Impact on the Media Industry

November 30, 2023



The Alliance for Audited Media has a long history of providing verified print and digital media to the marketplace to help buyers and sellers transact with trust. Media buyers rely on our Media Intelligence Center and industry reports to make more informed buying decisions.

But there are other ways AAM works with the industry to increase transparency. Here are some areas where AAM is making an impact.

Tech Compliance

IAB Tech Lab

AAM provides verification for programs developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and IAB Tech Lab to certify companies for meeting standards in digital advertising including digital and video ad serving, ad viewability, ad impressions and invalid traffic. Third-party verification of a company’s adherence to these standards is necessary to achieve certification.


Ad Fraud and Brand Safety

Trustworthy Accountability Group

We have also partnered with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) to provide independent compliance verification to TAG certification programs for fraud, malware, piracy and inventory quality guidelines. TAG certifications indicate a company is actively confronting fraudulent and criminal activity in the digital advertising marketplace. AAM also developed its Digital Publisher Audit to verify that a publisher’s website traffic is delivering authentic, human audiences.


Point of Care/OOH

Point of Care Marketing Association

As the preferred auditor for the Point of Care Marketing Association, AAM performs audits of print and digital campaigns and networks to help POC media companies achieve POCMA certification. We worked with POCMA members as part of the group’s Verification and Validation committee to help set and revise verification standards that became the foundation for the certification program. We also offer a digital out-of-home accreditation that verifies an organization’s ad-serving architecture to help DOOH providers build industry credibility, raise organizational performance and develop a competitive advantage.



Journalism Trust Initiative and Ad Fontes Media

In 2022, AAM became the first U.S.-based certifier for the Journalism Trust Initiative, a program to certify media outlets for adhering to standards for journalism ethics. We also partnered with Ad Fontes Media to create a media bias chart listing reliability and media bias ratings for all AAM-audited publishers. The project highlights publishers committed to providing quality news and information. Advertisers can use this chart to find trusted media partners to add to inclusion lists and prioritize in media buys.


Sustainability and Events

VSef and Events Industry Council

AAM provides audits for event companies and exhibition venues to become certified to data standards set by VSef/RSDE and the Event Industry Council’s (EIC) Sustainable Event Standards (SES). AAM also currently participates in industry groups committed to creating standards to lower carbon emissions in media and advertising and combat greenwashing.

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