AAM Selected as an Approved Auditor by the Point of Care Communication Council

January 15, 2021

George Bartman, Senior Vice President, Sales



We are proud to announce that AAM has been selected as an approved third-party auditing company by the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3), an organization that advocates for using point-of-care media to advance health and healthcare outcomes. AAM has more than 100 years of media auditing experience, including print and digital network and campaign audits for several point-of-care marketing providers.

As a not-for-profit media auditor, our mission is to help media buyers buy and sellers sell with trust and confidence. We have taken our extensive auditing experience and applied it to the point-of-care market. AAM provides cross-media verification for hundreds of news, magazine and B2B publishers as well as point-of-care media providers including Mesmerize, PatientPoint, Patient Resource, Phreesia, Publishers' Alliance Corporation, Remedy Health Media and Targeted Media Health, among others.

We believe that industry collaboration is the key to fostering greater transparency in any media ecosystem. As we began to provide services for point-of-care marketing channels, we joined PoC3 to work together with industry leaders to create standards that help elevate transparency within the industry.

Ken Shultz, AAM’s senior vice president of audit services and a member of PoC3’s board of directors, and Steve Guenther, AAM vice president of digital auditing, serve on the PoC3 Verification and Validation Committee, a group dedicated to establishing standards and best practices for point-of-care network and campaign audits. The PoC3 recently announced an update to these standards and the opening of its certification process. Third-party verification by an approved auditing partner is essential to becoming a PoC3-certified media provider.

Learn more about the benefits third-party audits provide advertisers and point-of-care media providers in our article, How Audits Build Trust in Point-of-Care Marketing.


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