AAM Titles Included on New IFABC Global Certified Media List

October 15, 2019

Susan Kantor, Vice President, Marketing and Communications



The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification has launched the Certified Media List, the first global list of nearly 15,000 audited media brands from 19 IFABC member countries across the globe, including more than 2,000 U.S. and Canadian media properties from AAM. The downloadable list is designed to help advertisers and advertising agencies make more informed media buying choices by providing them easy access to audited media properties on a global scale.

Here's what leaders from audit bureaus around the world are saying about the list, including AAM's own Tom Drouillard:

"Recognizing that the issues of accountability and transparency reach across borders, the IFABC'ss proactive collaboration in developing this list elevates the importance of global audited media and third-party assurance." -- Tom Drouillard, CEO of the Alliance for Audited Media and IFABC secretariat

"As the media and advertising landscape becomes increasingly global and issues around the lack of transparency grow, there has never been a more important time for advertisers to have access to a trusted source of information about media partners that are committed to third-party accountability. IFABC members bring transparency, clarity and a high level of media assurance to the media properties they audit around the world." -- Pedro Silva, president of IFABC and CEO of the Instituto Verificador de Comunicação in Brazil

"In the era of the GDPR, GAFA and programmatic ad trading, it is critical for media providers to build and maintain trusted relationships by being transparent in their respective markets. Advertising has become a global market with local presence making it crucial that advertisers can connect to a single, central source of locally certified media. The certification bodies in each country are the local arbiters of media assurance." -- IFABC European Committee President, Jean-Paul Dietsch, Director ACPM/OJD

The IFABC's Certified Media List is a straightforward, effective and easy-to-use file of audited media properties from across the globe. It highlights the audited media brands by format including print magazines and newspapers, websites and apps, events, radio and out-of-home media. The report also includes details about the intended audience (B2B or B2C) and whether the product is paid or free. Each listing includes links to the IFABC member that certifies the media brand. Additional information can then be sought from these organizations.

The data is now available for download through the IFABC website, enabling advertisers to build white lists of trusted media sources, source new media opportunities or confirm their own databases of media options. The list will be updated regularly to ensure advertisers have access to the latest listings of certified media.

Access the IFABC Certified Media List now


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