Buyers and Publishers Share Why They’re Part of AAM

June 17, 2020

Each year, AAM conducts a client satisfaction survey to get a better idea of our performance, challenges you are facing and areas where we can help. We recently finished our analysis of the most recent client survey and were pleased to see that the vast majority of respondents said we help you meet the needs of your business, whether you are a buyer or publisher organization. Here are a few other things you had to say about us:

“Telling customers that data is verified by AAM creates instant value for a newspaper. No one else can provide that validation for us.”

“AAM is the top auditing firm for the media industry. I believe our advertisers value the reporting that AAM provides and that reporting is essential for our ad sales team to be competitive in the industry.”

“We value what AAM offers and our advertisers trusts AAM data and audits.”

“We spend over $100 million every year inserting circulars in over 1,500 newspapers every week. We have 100% confidence in the integrity of reported circulation metrics because of the work of AAM. Without AAM, we would be losing millions of ad dollars on dubious data.”

“Our affiliation with AAM allows us to transact with media vendors with confidence. Additionally, we receive valuable information regarding the markets the publishers serve.”

“Knowing that we're getting what we pay for is obviously important, and AAM is a critical part of that process.”

See more of the survey results in our infographic below. Learn how we’re working to meet your needs all year long by signing up to receive our emails.


Buyers and Publishers Share Why They're Part of AAM


Topics: Media Buyers

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