A Cheat Sheet for U.S. News Media Circulation Changes

December 15, 2020



As part of the news media simplification initiative, U.S. news media are reporting data for the six-months ending September 2020 using an interim report format that implements some of the reporting changes, but not all. The high-level changes for September 2020 include combining verified and qualified circulation and streamlining digital replica and nonreplica circulation.

To help you navigate this temporary report, we’ve created an at-a-glance cheat sheet outlining the circulation category changes. The chart below identifies circulation categories before September 2020 reports and indicates where they've moved in the September report. Circulation categories not notated on this sheet are unchanged for the September statement.

September 2020 U.S. News Statement Circulation Category Changes

For a comprehensive overview of the changes made to the U.S. news media September 2020 statement, watch our video tutorial at info.auditedmedia.com/newsmedia2020


Topics: Data, News Media, Reporting

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