Phreesia Brings Trust to POC Platform with AAM Certification

July 27, 2021


AAM client Phreesia recently achieved POCMA certification of its digital patient engagement platform. One of the platform’s features, PatientConnect, serves sponsored content to patients and caregivers at the point of care. Here we look at how the platform certification came about, what challenges it solved and how it has helped Phreesia provide greater transparency and assurance to its clients.



Phreesia specializes in automated patient intake solutions. Its platform has grown substantially since its founding in 2005 and performs 70 million patient intakes annually. The automated platform supports health systems and medical practices with a range of applications and features, including patient registration, clinical support, appointments and revenue cycle management. One feature, PatientConnect, allows marketers to deliver content directly to the patient or their caregiver either via the patient’s phone or a Phreesia-supplied tablet at the doctors’ office. As the platform grew, Phreesia sought solutions to provide greater transparency to its point-of-care media services and to ensure that the digital patient engagement platform operates with optimal efficiency.

“We wanted to make sure we were giving people a sense of certainty about the quality of their engagements, and that clients could rest easy knowing they were getting what they were promised and what they paid for when they worked with us,” said David Linetsky, Phreesia’s SVP of Life Sciences.



In its search for the right assurance solution, Phreesia faced several challenges. Initially, the company implemented ad verification software but found that pixel tracking technology had its limitations. Phreesia needed a more comprehensive plan that would examine all facets of the digital point-of-care engagement platform. Also, the solution would need to adhere to the highest security standards for patient privacy.

“Patient privacy is a critical consideration in everything we do, including auditing and verification. The trust of our patients, our clients and our partners is paramount and central to our business model and mission,” Linetsky said.

As a proprietary platform, Phreesia needed a tool that could adapt its processes to meet the needs of its one-of-a-kind technology. Finally, Phreesia wanted a solution that could provide ongoing assurance to its clients.

“The health care industry is dynamic and ever-changing. We need to be sure we are keeping up with demands,” Linetsky said. “Continuous, third-party auditing of our platform is vital to do this.”



Phreesia partnered with the Alliance for Audited Media, an approved POCMA auditor, to perform a third-party platform certification of its ad delivery system. AAM analyzed, evaluated and tested the procedures, processes and controls in place. The audit helps ensure the system delivers accurate, reliable and consistent results and complies with IAB and POCMA standards.

“By being proactive and engaging in certification, we are giving our clients greater confidence in us as partners,” Linetsky said. “This is key to our mission of creating long term partnerships built on trust.”



Phreesia saw several benefits from the certification process, including:

  • Confidence that the processes, policies and controls in place are providing clients with accurate, reliable and consistent data.
  • Advertisers gain confidence that any ad campaign run on Phreesia’s digital patient engagement system provides accurate, reliable and consistent metrics, backed by third-party assurance.
  • A third-party audit can serve as an internal check to understand any areas for improvement in business policies, ad delivery, measurement or reporting processes.
  • Establishing Phreesia as a leader in POC assurance innovation by partnering with AAM to adapt recognized auditing processes to new point of care technologies.

The partnership has also provided Phreesia with a trusted independent advisor who can inform them of best practices, point-of-care industry developments and provide suggestions to improve efficiency as the platform grows.

"AAM has been tremendously helpful in helping Phreesia grow and evolve its processes and controls to continue delivering really high-value services as we scale," Linetsky said. “It’s given our clients a lot of peace of mind and a sense of comfort with our product and our services.”

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