Trusted Media Brands Uses AAM’s Digital Publisher Audit as Proof Point with Clients

July 28, 2021



Trusted Media Brands is a portfolio of brands that reaches nearly 60 million people nationwide through sites like Taste of Home, Family Handyman and Reader’s Digest. As a digital platform of scale, Trusted Media Brands offers insights and data-driven marketing solutions that reach engaged communities across food, home, lifestyle and wellness content. They have grown across their many platforms and built a strong, active community of consumers while staying true to their brand: consistently creating trusted, reliable and engaging content.



Trusted Media Brands’ digital advertisers were looking for a return on their investment in a trusted and safe environment. These advertisers wanted assurance that they were investing in targeted audiences that would see and engage with their ads and, ideally, purchase their product or service.



“We are highly invested in the brand safety of our sites and it is important that our advertising partners understand this commitment,” explained Eileen Becker, senior director of client services, Trusted Media Brands. “AAM’s Digital Publisher Audit provides another opportunity to reaffirm the quality of our sites and audience from an objective, third party source. In addition, we participate in other digital verification offerings such as Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab.”

AAM’s Digital Publisher Audit is a comprehensive, continuous audit service that analyzes website traffic and publishers’ adherence to best business practices to create a more transparent ecosystem, help quality publishers stand out and improve outcomes for marketers.



As an early participant in the Digital Publisher Audit, Trusted Media Brands uses the audit to help provide peace of mind to their advertisers.

“What sets Trusted Media Brands apart is that we offer intent-based content, which brings us a highly engaged community,” said Becker. “People seek us out for specific content and we’re able to connect them with our advertising partners in a meaningful way. And our advertising partners know that they can reach a highly engaged audience of people who are actively involved in our brands.

“We feel so strongly about trust that it is in our name,” continued Becker. “Especially in a period of uncertainty like the past year, we have seen that trust has served as the bedrock for families and their homes. Trust has been at the heart of our communal brands, from Taste of Home and Family Handyman to Reader’s Digest and The Healthy. It’s incredibly important that we maintain that trust across our digital portfolio of sites, which the Digital Publisher Audit supports, and continue that trust with our advertising partners.”

To help convey their commitment to trust to advertisers, Trusted Media Brands is arming its ad sales team with an overview of the audit and the results.

Becker said, “This is a great proof point for us to share if we get any questions from clients about the measures we are taking to validate our traffic.”


"The Digital Publisher Audit is quite simply a no-brainer. The audit reaffirms the quality traffic of our own brands and gives our advertising partners peace of mind."

- Michelle Kim, VP, Programmatic and Business Insights, Trusted Media Brands

Before the ad sales team could talk about the audit to clients, the digital team had to successfully complete the business process review and undergo continuous monitoring to demonstrate their commitment to quality audiences. Michelle Kim, vice president, programmatic and business insights at Trusted Media Brands, explained how the organization prepared for the audit.

“The process was completely turnkey and largely driven by the AAM team who provided guidance and follow-through every step of the way. They asked us a thoughtful series of questions, and our data science and business insights team served as primary points of contact.

“The audit went smoothly,” continued Kim. “Having the initial audit provided reassurance that our sites have high-quality traffic. Going forward, we will have continuous audits of the sites to validate the same and any issues will be flagged for us.”

Kim concluded, “The Digital Publisher Audit is quite simply a no-brainer. The audit reaffirms the quality traffic of our own brands and gives our advertising partners peace of mind. Consistent auditing as an industry validates the collective strength of digital publishing and differentiates the audit participants as best-in-class publishers.”

Learn more about AAM's Digital Publisher Audit.


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